Literacy Resources

The following resources have been specially selected for teachers who attend Literacy Focus courses, or who work with us on a daily basis. 

National Curriculum 2014:

Primary National Curriculum 2014

NC Vocab Y1 to Y6

Y1 Grammar & Punctuation NC

Y2 Grammar & Punctuation NC

Y3 Grammar & Punctuation NC

Y4 Grammar & Punctuation NC

Y5 Grammar & Punctuation NC

Y6 Grammar & Punctuation NC

Babcock Spelling Y3-6

Babcock Phonics KS1

PNS & Other Documents:

Developing Early Writing

Grammar for Writing

Grammar For Writing Resources

Guided Grammar Units for Bi-Lingual children

Lancs Txt Type Guidance

Letters & Sounds notes of guidance

Letters & Sounds Appendix

Phonics at KS2 programme

Spelling Bank

Support for Spelling

Talk for Writing pack

Gateway to Writing:

Supporting young writers pg 1 – 24

Auditing Priorities

Boys and writing pg 25 – 39

Developing_handwriting pg 40-48

Learning about sentences pg 49-51

Writing provision for boys audit

Literate role-play provision for boys audit_(blank)

Literate role-play provision for boys audit_(completed)


Circles Teaching Sequ Plan

Circles Planning sheet

Blank Circles Planning Sheet

Circles Planning sheet with objectives Y5 narrative

Beegu Unit Plan

Information leaflet Unit Plan

Newspaper reports Tuesday Circles Plan 


Wider reading development ideas

Teaching Reading Audit

Strategies to Develop Comprehension During Guided Reading 11

NLT Recommended Booklist for Ages 5-8 2013-14

NLT Recommended Booklist for Ages 9-12 2013-14




Literature programme

Subject Leadership:

Subject Leader’s Literacy Audit

New to Literacy Subject Leadership handbook

Literacy displays should contain the following

Literacy Policy Example

Useful Reports & Research:

Writing is Primary Report

Removing Barriers to Literacy

Reading by Six





Excellence_in_English[1] May ’11

Confident, capable and creative (Supporting Boys’ Achievement in the EYFS)


Moving English forward (March 2012) – report summary

Getting them reading early – Ofsted dist. learn. mats 2012

Reading, writing and communication – Ofsted dist. learn. mats 2012


SATs spelling lists

Pie Corbett’s Progression in Writing R to Y6

Pie Corbett Connectives and Sentence signposts