01 November 2010 ~ 36 Comments

Kung-Fu Punctuation

It’s been two weeks since I last blogged, and it feels like ages!  Over the past two weeks I’ve done some really interesting work with two schools, tried to decipher what the government are doing with schools’ budgets, and had a lovely week off.  I’ve also learnt Kung-Fu punctuation!

My daughter’s in Year 3.  Her teacher knows how important kinaesthetic learning is, and has taught the class Kung-Fu punctuation.  Essentially each punctuation mark has a Kung-Fu type action (and sound) that goes with it.  So for a full stop you take up the Kung-Fu stance which is legs slightly apart, one foot in front of the other, and then punch the air in front of you whilst turning your fist and letting out a short, sharp “hhhuuuuhhh” sound.  Any mark that has a curve to it is accompanied by an “eeeeee” sound, so for a question mark draw the curve in the air with your fist (whilst saying “eeeeee”) and finish it with a punch and a “hhhhuuuuhhh” for the dot.  It’s absolutely brilliant!

Sometimes we insert Kung-Fu punctuation whilst she reads – it’s hilarious.  Although it stops the flow of the reading, it really emphasises the punctuation and demonstrates why it’s there.  It also makes us laugh which is always a bonus.