30 August 2016 ~ Comments Off on Getting to Grips with Handwriting

Getting to Grips with Handwriting

Back in March I completed a five day course entitled ‘The Teaching and Learning of Handwriting’.  Who best to go to for a course on teaching handwriting than the National Handwriting Association?  The course was absolutely brilliant.  As with any good training I returned home inspired, full of ideas and with a lot of new […]

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15 June 2016 ~ Comments Off on Planning to Teach Writing

Planning to Teach Writing

  My book is here!  What the publisher, Routledge, says about it pretty much sums it up! Planning to Teach Writing A practical guide for primary school teachers By Emma Caulfield Written by an experienced teacher and literacy consultant, Planning to Teach Writing offers an easy-to-use, tried-and-tested framework that will reduce teachers’ planning time while raising […]

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11 September 2013 ~ Comments Off on Y6 Writing Booster

Y6 Writing Booster

This morning marked the beginning of a new venture for me:  I began my Y6 writing booster classes.  I have taught writing booster for the past three years, but for various reasons I have chosen to work in a different school this year.  There is something exciting about working in a new environment.  In this […]

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26 April 2013 ~ Comments Off on On a level

On a level

I seem to spend a lot of my time working with teachers to support them in the accuracy of their judgements about writing.  We are often debating what sub-level a piece can be categorised as  – is it a 2b? or a 2a?  It is important that there is consistency across the teaching workforce and that […]

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03 April 2013 ~ Comments Off on A New English Curriculum?

A New English Curriculum?

For most of us, it’s the Easter holidays!  And for me the holidays represent real quality time for reflection.  I’ve been reflecting on the Literacy Curriculum, and more importantly what can be done to improve it.  The government’s proposals are somewhat irrelevant (see http://media.education.gov.uk/assets/files/pdf/d/draft%20national%20curriculum%20for%20english%20key%20stages%201%202.pdf) as many schools are now academies and therefore don’t have any […]

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14 February 2013 ~ Comments Off on 21st Century Literacy – Where’s Your School?

21st Century Literacy – Where’s Your School?

As is the case with many of my posts; I have been inspired by a conference I attended yesterday.  It was a National Literacy Trust event entitled ‘Raising Standards in Boys’ Writing Through Innovation’.  I chose to attend the conference because I am, and always have been, really interested in how we can use current […]

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05 July 2012 ~ Comments Off on Bolognaise Test

Bolognaise Test

Now that SATs are well and truly over (papers are marked, marks are in, moderators have completed their rounds) any consultant worth their salt is thinking about May 2013 and what it brings.  What are the hot potatoes that schools will want help and support with?  How can I best prepare them to prepare their […]

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31 May 2012 ~ Comments Off on End of KS2 Writing Test?

End of KS2 Writing Test?

Earlier this year I wrote about how happy I was that the end of KS2 writing assessment had changed.  I said that it brought an end to testing children’s creativity in a timed environment and that it would open up their experience of learning the skills of writing in Year 6.  I still feel that the […]

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24 April 2012 ~ Comments Off on A Recipe for Unit Planning

A Recipe for Unit Planning

It’s time to spread the word about planning; several words in fact.  Every single teacher who I have spoken to about this agrees with me, and almost all of them have had a go and love it!  “Had a go at what?” you may ask.  Had a go at planning a literacy unit from scratch.  […]

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06 February 2012 ~ Comments Off on It’s official: Talk for Writing is outstanding!

It’s official: Talk for Writing is outstanding!

“The school’s…consistent and comprehensive use of ‘talk for writing’, underpins all the school’s work, and has led to significant improvements in reading, writing, speaking and listening as well as enhancing pupils’ confidence and self-esteem.” Ofsted, Dec 2011 – Adswood Primary School (Outstanding) Finally, my years of suggesting that ‘talk for writing’ (TfW) works have been […]

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